Hoist on Their Own Petard


I've been rooting for Rob and Amber, but had they lost tonight it would have been poetic justice. The irony-- Rob fabricating the idea of an earlier flight to spook the other teams, only to inspire them to search for and find an earlier flight Rob didn't know about-- was priceless. When they explained about the gnome prize, however, I knew it was a non-elimination leg-- they wouldn't want the possibility of eliminating a team from the race and giving them a prize at the same time, which would be awkward.

I'm ready to take a rifle to Gretchen and put her down, to stop the incessant whining and bellyaching. Gretchen and Meredith's stick-to-itiveness has been astounding, and I'd love to be rooting for them. But they're just too unlikeable. Every time Gretchen opens her mouth-- which is pretty much every second she's on camera-- it's like nails on a chalkboard.

But how about that well with all the columns! I suspect the cool lighting was CBS's doing, but still-- spiffy. That detour was the most puzzlish challenge we've seen on this race, and I thought it was very nicely designed. More of those, please!


Did you manage to use the link on tvtattle.com to read Meredith and Gretchen's blog before it was taken down last night? During the India leg, Meredith's foot was run over by the elephant and by a tuk-tuk, so he's limping along. They avoided having it checked by the doctor in fear that the injury would compel CBS to pull them from the race. When they returned to the US, x-rays showed three bones in the foot were starting to heal from fractures. I hate Gretchen's whining as well, but I have to give her credit for getting up and down during the castle roadblock.

I figured the last thing I needed was MORE whining from them, so I never clicked through to the blog.

I'm astonished that there are people who reacted favorably enough to Lynn and Alex that they could be considered for other TV projects or an Amazing Race All-Stars. Lynn and Alex, to me, were the quintessential "flaming gay man" stereotype. They were catty, narcissistic, and relentlessly negative. I never need to see either of them again.

Actually, the whole concept of an AR All-Stars feels flawed to me. Whereas Survivor is all about the personalities involved, Amazing Race is more about the relationships. The fun of Survivor All-Stars was in seeing how all the top personalities interacted with each other. That wouldn't happen in Amazing Race.

More behind the scenes TAR stuff was revealed at "A Night with The Amazing Race" at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences this past week. You can go to www.emmys.tv or via WMP to http://wm.guestonline.net/AmazingRace to watch the panel discussion. The entire session lasted over an hour. Dennis Miller was the moderator. The first part involved Phil and the producers, including casting and production leads. The second part has former racers Rebecca & Adam, Rob & Brennan (TAR1 winners), Team Guido, Lynn & Alex, and Brian & Greg answering questions from Dennis. Time well-spent for any TAR fan.

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