It's traditional to give a round of applause when a player is eliminated from a tournament, to thank them for their participation and salute them for the skill that got them to that point. And so I give a hearty round of applause to Stephanie, who had the misfortune of getting picked by the wrong tribe on day one. It was always highly unlikely that Steph would win-- the other players would have been insane to let her get anywhere close to the final four-- but hers is the Cinderella story nonetheless. Regardless of who winds up with the million bucks, Stephanie is clearly the big winner of this season. She'll be fielding offers left and right and will have no trouble parlaying her experience into something more.

Meanwhile, Roger Ebert's wagging finger of shame goes to Tom, who had the audacity to give the "Don't penalize me for being a strong player" speech while voting Stephanie out for precisely that reason.


My like for Tom has dwindled because of that. I'm now rooting for Ian to win. I still think they picked a totally wrong time to vote her out, since when else is there going to be a chance to beat Tom for immunity?

That whole speech was arrogant and a desperate man's plea to stay in the game. They were stupid for falling for it. They could have gotten rid of him and there still would have been time enough to get rid of Steph the following week. OR as everyone (or almost everyone?) on the jury is from their tribe, keep Steph in and go up against her. Your tribe will vote for you over her.

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