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It's traditional to give a round of applause when a player is eliminated from a tournament, to thank them for their participation and salute them for the skill that got them to that point. And so I give a hearty round of applause to Stephanie, who had the misfortune of getting picked by the wrong tribe on day one. It was always highly unlikely that Steph would win-- the other players would have been insane to let her get anywhere close to the final four-- but hers is the Cinderella story nonetheless. Regardless of who winds up with the million bucks, Stephanie is clearly the big winner of this season. She'll be fielding offers left and right and will have no trouble parlaying her experience into something more.

Meanwhile, Roger Ebert's wagging finger of shame goes to Tom, who had the audacity to give the "Don't penalize me for being a strong player" speech while voting Stephanie out for precisely that reason.

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Hoist on Their Own Petard

I've been rooting for Rob and Amber, but had they lost tonight it would have been poetic justice. The irony-- Rob fabricating the idea of an earlier flight to spook the other teams, only to inspire them to search for and find an earlier flight Rob didn't know about-- was priceless. When they explained about the gnome prize, however, I knew it was a non-elimination leg-- they wouldn't want the possibility of eliminating a team from the race and giving them a prize at the same time, which would be awkward.

I'm ready to take a rifle to Gretchen and put her down, to stop the incessant whining and bellyaching. Gretchen and Meredith's stick-to-itiveness has been astounding, and I'd love to be rooting for them. But they're just too unlikeable. Every time Gretchen opens her mouth-- which is pretty much every second she's on camera-- it's like nails on a chalkboard.

But how about that well with all the columns! I suspect the cool lighting was CBS's doing, but still-- spiffy. That detour was the most puzzlish challenge we've seen on this race, and I thought it was very nicely designed. More of those, please!

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Cost of Lunch

I was reading a financial article the other day that suggested that by cutting back on the number of times one dines out for lunch, from five to three days a week, one could save $1560 per year based on a $15 price tag for food, drink, tax and tip.

To which I thought, "$15 for lunch? Whaaaaaaaaaaa?!"

A splurge lunch for me is a trip to the local Indian buffet, where eleven bucks gets you out the door with a full all-you-can-eat meal (with ice water-- I rarely order beverages in restaurants). More commonly I might go to Wendy's, a Chinese or teriyaki place, or perhaps a sandwich shop-- all of which would feed me for under seven dollars. And in our cafeteria I can get a chicken sandwich and fries for $4.05.

Fifteen bucks? Who the heck blows fifteen bucks on lunches twice a week, let alone every day? Granted, my world view is skewed-- I don't own, let alone wear, a power tie. Or a suit, for that matter. So I'm not hob-nobbing with martinis in steak houses and sushi bars. But really, is the average Joe plunking down fifteen bucks when he goes out for lunch? Am I really that far outside the norm here?

The comments are open for your take on the question.

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The Evil Leaper

Joan of Arcadia's on the bubble, and its future won't be announced until mid May. I still get a kick out of God (something you're unlikely to hear me say in any other context), and I was really impressed by the producer's willingness to kill off a supporting character (who, granted, may well have been introduced expressly for that purpose). But please-- an evil counterpart to Joan? At least they didn't go all the way and introduce someone who talks to the Devil, but this character's motivation makes no sense. He can see and talk to God, but resents and rejects Him-- so now (because he's conveniently wealthy) he insinuates himself into positions of power in the lives of those Joan loves so he can threaten Joan for no discernable reason.


I expected better. But with ratings down in its sophomore year, the producers apparently felt like they needed to hint at Big Things To Come to try to secure a renewal. Contrast that with Enterprise, which now that it's cancelled has been turning out some of the best episodes of the series. After the disastrously ill-conceived Xindi season, the show's finally living up to its promise of being a prequel. We saw more of the Andorians and Tellarites, some Orion slave girls, the beginnings of the Federation, and now a trip into the Mirror universe. Even better, we got entirely new theme music and a new credits sequence with all the usual scenes of human exploration replaced with scenes of war and destruction. Great touch! If the show had shown this much whimsy and sense of fun from the outset, it might have had a few more years of life.

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Back from a week's vacation with the following observation:

pretty, short woman = "cute"
pretty, tall woman = "gorgeous"


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C is for Correctness

Scott Kurtz gets it exactly right in this PvP strip.

Hooray for Congress

On behalf of everyone in Washington State, I'd like to thank our elected officials for waving their magic wands and granting us an enchanted sales tax deduction-- which, in a state with no income tax, is a very nice thing indeed.

Now, about this Social Security thing...

April Fools

The good folks at TeeVee have posted their annual April Fools parody, and at least one TV site has fallen for it. I encourage you to check it out, especially the section on Rob and Amber. The comments are open for pointers to other good April Fools pages that have appeared today.

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