Poor Choices


Two poor choices on last night's reality double header. First on Survivor, the men continued their bone-headed decision to play the individual game well before any merge. Already holding a 5-2 majority over the younger guys, the older men could have eaten one of their own and pruned the tribe of some dead weight, leaving them with more physically stronger members for future challenges. Instead, they're worrying about individual immunities well before any are at stake. Probst hit the nail on the head with his commentary. What makes this even more galling is that the guys may have been right. From the previews, it looks like next week we'll see some shuffling of the tribes. If your tribe isn't staying together, keeping the strongest members no longer makes sense. The shake-up just comes a tad too late for Brady, whose game would likely have gone completely differently had he managed to stick around one more week.

Over on The Apprentice, The Donald continued his series of perplexing firing decisions. Pamela was condescending and strong-willed, but she was also hands-down the most effective and impressive of all the women on the show. He as much as admitted it when he moved her over from the men's team. She acquitted herself well in the boardroom and got fired anyway. When the Trump's decisions are this idiosyncratic, the show becomes less interesting. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. As the linked article mentions, part of the reason for the first season's success is that by the end, the players left behind were all worthy. Players who were early standout performers didn't get axed until late in the game. That's not happening this time around, and rather than making the show more exciting it undermines its premise.

But the DeLonghi and "It Works" people must be kvelling.


In re: The Apprentice.. I've been saying this for weeks. For that matter, so you have you. The show feels all "stunty" to me now, like they felt they had to mix things up or people wouldn't watch a second season.

Even worse, George and especially Carolyn have become quite mean this season. It was cool, last year, to see the no-nonsense business trio not pull any punches. That was what was intriguing about the show: it purported to cut through the bullshit. Maybe they felt they needed to amp that up, but now, instead of hitting the players hard with the truth, they're just hitting the players. The show has gotten vile and ugly.

I definitely agree with that MSNBC article, but I think the fault lies not just with The Doanld's weird decisions, but also with this season's casting. There were odd ducks last year, but at least most of those people seemed competent. I think this season's players got switched down the casting office with a group headed for Big Brother.

Mostly agreed on all previous comments. I don't agree that Pamela dealt all that well with the board room however. The "we were tied" line was as absurd as Trump made it out to be.

I wonder how kind or cruel the edit was to her cause. The thing I expected her to point out: "These women were a disaster and I whipped them into shape. We lost, but without my leadership they would have been crushed, and instead we made it close." She never really used the things she did right effectively, leaving her open to firing based on her error.

That said, the show is also losing interest for me.

I could not believe Pamela was the one fired -- especially with those two idiots sitting next to her. My wife and I were both livid, but we weren't shocked. After seeing Bradford and Stacie J. get fired, we figured Pamela was a goner long before Trump made it official.

Stacie J's firing was particularly brutal. She was a real sweet lady and I liked her alot. Frankly, I didn't see her making it to the end, but she had spirit and a gentle nature. It wasn't surprising to see her treated like cheese in a room full of rats, but it was rather dismaying seeing Trump join in. Big fat boo to the Donald!

This is nuts.

(By the way, is "kvelling" a good thing or a bad thing?)

"Kvelling" is a good thing. To kvell is 'to be bursting with pride; boast; gloat'. From the Yiddish kveln, related to the German quellen. According to Random House. A Jewish mother kvetches about her lazy, do-nothing son but kvells about her son the doctor.

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