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You guys are the bestest. Enough people have signed up with my link that, if all of them complete their offers, I'll have enough for the iPod. So please, if you signed up but don't intend to complete the deal, let me know so I don't count on you.

Even though the Blockbuster deal says you only get credit at the end of the 2 weeks, Craig signed up for it and got credited the same day. So that may be the easiest offer to go for, since you could then cancel before your 2 free weeks are up.

Assuming everyone will come through, that means the conga line advances. Anyone new should please use this link to help Chris get his iPod. Thanks, everyone! I'll keep you posted.


well, did I show up in your list? If so, remove me, because I wanted the Amazon GC which still doesn't show up for me.

Well, I got suckered into this. Here is my link:


Alfredo Lorente

If you run a pop-up blocker (or two, if you have the google bar AND SP2 running), you might wanna turn them off and make sure you see the popup that gives you the fine print for a given offer...IIRC the Blockbuster one stipulated that you could not quit during the two week period, although I don't see how they could take AWAY credit for an offer once it's been marked in your freeipod record as completed.

Get me hooked up and you're that much closer to the front of the conga line! :)

I just realized that Peter said all of this above about the small print. I'm an idjit.

Thanks to the two people who have "offered" for me so far! Three more to go! I have an email in asking if I can offer for multiple people (since I already helped Peter), and when I know definitively, I will do my best to spread the love if I can, since I can still do the BlockBuster one, and I'm all over the Vonage one if it comes up for me...

Larry: When you're on the page with the list of offers, try entering this into the address bar:


That's the link for the Infone offer.

I'm a little surprised that worked. Not COMPLAINING, mind you, but a little surprised.

Did you have to enter a promotional code to get the Amazon certificate, Peter?

ok, I filled it out (thanks for the link!) but my offer status doesn't show it. Is it supposed to, or does it only show up after completion?

Well, now it says:

"Your Status:
Congratulations! You have completed your requirements. Now just get 5 friends to complete an offer."

So does that mean that my ifone stuff went through ok? Pete, can you tell if you got credit from me?

Larry: I can see the email address of everyone who signed up using my link, and yours isn't among them. Unless you used a gmail address I don't recognize.

I'm surprised your offer status got updated so quickly. It took a couple of days for me to get credited with the Infone offer when I did it. Note also that it will take up to 3 weeks to be emailed your Amazon gift certificate (I haven't gotten mine yet).

Ok, Pete just Emailed me and said that I show up on his list as complete.

That means that the offer link he provided above works, and that the offer gives you credit very quickly.

It also means that I'm going to post my link :)


I think someone's caught on, tho, because when I try the above, it now pops up a screen that says "This offer is not available. Please select another offer from the offer list."

So if someone DOES see the Infone offer in their list, please hover over the link and see if they changed the number on us or something.

(I just need one more, and for everyone who signed up to come through! :))

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