What a World, What a World!

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I'm molting.

It started on my left shoulder, when the skin was still supple enough to be peeled off in large sheets-- an exercise which offered an odd kind of macabre satisfaction, not unlike peeling an onion and trying to get the entire outer layer off in a single piece. What? Stop looking at me like that.

From there it worked its way down the left side of my chest, then popped across to my right forearm. Now it's spread all over my body like some kind of flesh-eating bacteria-- thighs, ankles, pretty much everywhere but my head (which was, you'll recall, protected by a +5 Vorpal Beach Hat of Tourism). Which makes it rather ironic that my scalp is just about the only part of my body that doesn't need a good rub-down with Head & Shoulders.

It doesn't really bother me-- a small price to pay for a couple weeks of spectacular Greek salads, says I. But it does set me to wondering-- do the locals bathe in moisturizing lotion, or does your body simply adjust to prolonged exposure to the sun?

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your body adjusts. When I was a kid I played outside all the time - never bothered with lotion or anything and I never burned or peeled, just turned a wonderful golden brown. Now I don't have time to play outside, so when I do go out there I turn a nice bright red very quickly unless I'm careful.

When I am careful though, I can still manage a hell of a tan, and I don't peel from that. Maybe part of it is genetic though... shrug.

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