TiVo Alert: Stargate


Tonight is the season premiere of Stargate: SG-1 on Sci-Fi. This episode sets up next week's series premiere of Stargate Atlantis (no colon-- go figure), the new spin-off which-- I believe for the first time in the history of televised dramas-- will run back-to-back with the original series that spawned it all season long. Boo-ya! If you've never watched Stargate, now's probably a great time to jump in to the most entertaining science fiction series on television. And before long, you'll be renting the DVDs of the past seasons of SG-1 and lamenting that you didn't hop on the bandwagon sooner.


Didn't Angel run back to back with Buffy when it first aired?

Okay, I just read my comment, and realized it sounded kind of snarky and all "See! I know something that proves you wrong!" which is TOTALLY NOT how I meant it. Really.

didn't sound snarky to me. it also isn't the only example.

maude and the jeffersons alongside all in the family

rhoda alongside the mary tyler moore show

fish alongside barney miller

melrose place alongside beverly hills 90210

a different world alongside the cosby show

the facts of life alongside diff'rent strokes

mork and mindy and laverne and shirley alongside happy days

the law and order franchise

deep space nine alongside next generation

voyager alongside deep space nine

now that's snarky. ;-)

I did specify "drama". I think Erin might be right about Buffy and Angel-- they may have run back to back on the WB in Angel's first season, before they moved it to Wednesday. I don't remember for certain.

Most of your examples don't apply, Dana, because they're either not dramas, or they were running in concurrent seasons but not consecutive time slots on the same channel. TNG and DS9 were syndicated, so their times differed around the country. The Law and Order franchises have always been on different nights. Were Melrose and 90210 on the same night? I never watched either show, but wasn't the Melrose crowd significantly older than the 90210 high school characters? How exactly did that one spin off, anyway?

btw, some of those didn't run back to back but they all ran during the same season.

Reason #47 why I need to get my Tivo online. :P

Well, maybe I'll get lucky and it will make a call between now and showtime.

it wasn't until after i had posted the list that noticed you were being specific about time and style. i did followup saying that the shows were concurrect for season but not necessarily for timeslot. i simply can't recall when mork and mindy was on in relation to happy days.

as for star trek, tng and ds9 were syndicated as you said, but from what i've gathered many cities showed them back to back. voy was shown on upn where available.

as for your questions about beverly hills/melrose place i can't answer you because i didn't watch either show.

So, you're kickin' it with the boo-ya, yo?
(seriously, where'd ya pick that up? In our house, I'd blame it on Kim Possible... ESPN and Stuart Scott, maybe?)

Colon, no colon, doesn't much matter to me. We refer to the original show as "Star Trek: MacGyver." The spin-off hasn't picked up a permanickname yet; for now it's "The Underwater Remix."

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