The Power of Editing


7 to 1? Tonight's Big Brother 5 vote surprised the heck out of me. I hoped that the growing bond between Jase and Holly would spell her doom, but it looked like Jase had convinced the other guys that Holly was a sure thing for them. Apparently not. I'm looking forward to seeing the Saturday confessionals where the guys explain their votes. Like Holly, I thought Adria played the "Christian faith" card a little too heavily for someone who's making a whopping lie of omission, secretly swapping places with her twin. That's may well come back to bite her when Natalie enters the house.

And I'm afraid I must now impose a strict worldwide moratorium on the phrase "cuddle buddy." Thank you in advance for your compliance.


I am sure CBS will air on Saturday the planning by Scott, Drew & Cowboy that preceded the vote when they realized if they *all* voted for Holly, Jase wouldn't have much of a recourse with any one of them.

From what I was told by someone who had access to the live feeds (and informed me that, after six hours, the HoH competition had dwindled down to Jase and Karen), there was a big blowup among the Horsemen after Tuesday's show went off the air, resulting in the decision by the other three to nail Holly. Hence, the 7-1 vote, since getting rid of Holly's dumb ass is a no-brainer when there is no alliance to defend her.

Hey, Peter, are you still looking for those dice plates from restoration hardware? Let me know, I can help!

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