Reality Update


The players on Big Brother 5 continue to disappoint me. Jase and Scott are meatheads with no apparent redeeming qualities whatsoever, and yet they're dominating the game. I take solace in the knowledge that as soon as one of the women (other than Holly) wins HoH, both of them are going up on the block. But in the meantime, they're insufferable. And to top it all off, Drew-- who I could root for if he'd only show a little backbone-- put Adria up tonight. The more I've seen of Adria and her twin, the more I've liked them. For that reason, and because it would completely freak everyone else out and scare the bejeezes out of the Horsemen, I've been pulling for them to both get into the house. But unless the women can convince Marvin to vote with them, it looks like Adria's out. Marvin admits he's riding in the back of the bus, but I don't understand how he expects to ever move to the front playing 5th wheel to the four cronies.

Meanwhile, over on The Amazing Race, I can't imagine having to down a pound of caviar. Had I been in the game, I'd have known immediately upon reading the "taste for the high life" clue that it was a caviar challenge. I'm not sure if my theoretical race partner Dave likes caviar. I've never had it but I suspect I wouldn't. Of the two of us, I have the bigger appetite-- so this task would likely have fallen to me. Blech. If it weren't on a different network, tonight would have been a great opportunity for a cameo by the Fear Factor chuck bucket.

I'm also conflicted on Mirna and Charla. Charla's great, but Mirna (the tall one) is one of the most annoying people ever to appear on the show. She doesn't talk, she whines. I keep hoping Charla will just lose it and pop her one. So while I'm pulling for Charla, I'll not shed a tear when Mirna gets eliminated. Of the remaining teams, I'm futilely crossing my fingers for the soccer moms simply because they always seem like they're having the most fun.


Not 1 pound of caviar, 1 _kilo_. 2.2 pounds. And it really sucks to see that Joyce had to down all that caviar anyway.

I think everybody's "last to root for" is the bowling moms.

Hey Matt Jones! Where planet are you from by the way!??? They're called "Bowling MOms" not Soccer Moms for heavens sake!

And heck you're the one annoying not Mirna! She's pretty and definitely smart! The reason why she's talking is that she's got something sensible to say. Unlike you!

Marjh..... aagh. This is just so wrong. [shakes head]

Sorry Matt. I though it was you who wrote that comment. I was just irritated by it! Anyway, thanks for the explanation. I appreciate it! I hope you guys start to like Mirna.. Thanks!

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