Heart Attack in a Cup

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Been hankering for the sugary ambrosia of a warm glazed doughnut, but the hot summer weather's got you down? Krispy Kreme to the rescue! And look-- the 12oz "small" has only twice the calories and triple the carbs of an actual doughnut! Now you can take a refreshing break from the summer heat and sip your way to a coronary bypass without the horrible inconvenience of sticky fingers. Bless you, Krispy Kreme!

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Now I know that you folks out there won't believe this, but we in Boulder have a donut source that is better than Krispy Kreme. It's called Tastefully Toasted, and it offers a myriad of glazes and toppings for your freshly made-to-order donuts, so you can make choices like vanilla glaze with oreo crumbles, or raspberry glaze with peanuts, or just peach glaze with a touch of cinnamon sugar. Combine it with a freshly made cake donut and you're in heaven.

I wanted to show you a website for them, but the best I could find were two reviews, the first of which is so lame that the reviewer says she can't come up with the total number of possible combinations because she "didn�t do well in calculus". But take my word for it; they're spectacular.

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