Easy Money the Hard Way


Today Ken Jennings won his 29th consecutive game on Jeopardy!, bringing his total winnings to $972,960. His 1,000th correct response came during today's show (don't worry, I wasn't keeping track either), and tomorrow he's well within range of reaching the one million dollar mark-- what must surely be the most hard-won easy money on television. The man is a force of nature, scything through all comers with effortless elan. Only nine episodes remain in the Jeopardy! season. Will Ken triumph through them all?

If you haven't watched Jeopardy! lately, tune in to see a trivia master in action. Game show history is being made.


I have to wonder if the producers are now questioning their wisdom in making this rule change. (I guess if it's getting more people to watch they wouldn't be.) I think Ken has got an overwhelming advantage now, at least over the last 50 or so contestants who have come up against him. And it's reached the point it borders on the unfair.

Having been up there, I know that so much depends not on what you know, but on how quickly you can get into a groove and get the buzzer timing down. I admit to a tinge of resentment because the woman who beat me was on her fourth day and had obviously mastered this skill, while I was still dealing with stage jitters.

Now multiply this by the juggernaut that is Ken Jennings, and feel for the sacrificial lambs that are being tossed in against him. Did you notice in last night's show they broke for the first commercial earlier than usual, after Ken ran the first 11 questions? I'm thinking the contestant coordinators had to get in there to give those poor saps a pep talk to get them to show some signs of life.

The producers have created a Frankenstein (albeit a nice Frankenstein ... it's impossible to root against the guy) and I suspect there's more than a little worry as to what they're going to do with him.

Yeah, I noticed the early break yesterday too and came to the same conclusion.

As for unfair... It's true he now has the home court advantage, but his buzzer skills only help if he actually knows the questions... And somehow he seems to know nearly all of them!

I was a fairly regular Jep viewer before, but lately I've been making sure not to miss an ep!

Ok, when and where is this on? You've gotten me interested in seeing the guy, but I have no clue where to find the current episode of Jeopardy.

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