Before anyone asks... no, the unnamed $250,000 buy-it-now purchaser of this auction isn't me. But... wow. Makes the paltry few boxes from my childhood that are gathering dust in my attic look mighty feeble.


Okay, for those of us not in-the-know, would someone be kind enough to give the dates for Golden, Silver and Bronze age in comic collector's terms? I'm assuming that Golden Age is pre-WWII or thereabouts. But after that point I'm lost. This guy's strength seems to be in Silver Age, and I'm wondering if he just collected them as a kid and if so, how old he might be.

(What I really want to know is: If _I_ had collected from MY childhood - ie Early 70s - would I have been collecting Silver or Bronze?)

Your Google-Fu is weak.

According to the Overstreet Price Guide:

The Silver age takes place from 1956-1970 and the "catalyst" issues are Showcase #4 (1st Silver-Age appearance of the Flash) and Fantastic Four #1.

The Bronze Age takes us through 1970-1984. The catalysts are Green Lantern #76 and Amazing Spider-Man #121; relevant issues that dealt with social issues and death.

The Copper Age lasts from 1984-1992 with the DC Comics' "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and Marvel Comics' "Secret Wars" -- the multi-part crossover issues.

That leaves us with the Modern Age that started in 1992 and continues now through the present which started with the debut of Image Comics.

The Golden age would therefore be pre-1956.

You must be One with the web, grasshopper.

Can someone please tell me what I can start collecting *now* that will be worth millions when I'm ready to retire (25+ years or so).

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