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I'm experimenting with Google ads. The whole GMail brouhaha has me intrigued by the technology, and a little extra revenue never hurt anyone-- so go ahead and click on those links, people! I'm kinda curious to see how the ads change over the course of a series of blog posts. It's actually rather tempting to try to force an ad to appear.

American Express!
Porn, porn, porn!



I hesitate to comment but...

I'm disappointed. While Google ads are one of the less bothersome forms of advertising they're still annoying. Especially when implemented on a site that had previously been (mostly) commercial free. I don't begrudge someone trying to make a few bucks and, of course, you are free to do as you choose, but I'm now less likely to visit.

(That is, until I can configure my browser/webwasher to filter such ads. Anyone have any ideas?)

I'm sorry you feel that way, Greg, and more than a little surprised. I'm actually quite pleased with how well the ads integrate into SZ. I think they're completely unobstrusive on the right edge of the window, and they fit right in visually.

But as I said, I'm experimenting. They may stay, they may go. I'm mostly just curious about the "matching ads to content" aspect of AdSense, and look at the ads as a kind of game (When will they change? What keywords will set them off? How close to relevant will they be?).

(I'm a little curious as to why you're surprised. At me in particular or the idea that people in general might not like the ads?)

I personally feel that ads are "evil". (In quotes because it's usually a minor evil.) Sometimes, such as with these Google ads, it's a ridiculously minor evil, almost not worth mentioning. The problem is that advertisements are pervasive in our society and getting moreso every day. Newspapers are 60% ads. Television shows have 9 minutes of commercials for every 21 minutes of content. Sports arenas are named for corporations. I'm forced to watch 5 minutes of commercials even though I paid to see the movie. Hell, the movie itself is likely to have product placements throughout. Most websites have popups or banners trying to sell me something. Half the e-mail I receive is spam. Slogans prominently adorn clothing. Concerts are now "Presented by Pepsi". Cultural events are "Brought to you by Budweiser".

Alone, any one of these is no big deal but together, they're overwhelming. We're not living in the information age, we're living in the age of the advertisement and I'm not happy about it. It's nice to be able to get away from all of this once in a while, to go someplace where you're not being sold to. Static Zombie is no longer such a place.

I also don't think they're very effective in a blog, or at least this kind of a blog. Of the ads I see on this page now, only one (travel planning videos for Greece) seems to me to be something people would be moved to check out based on your posts. The others are vaguely relevant to post topics, but not in a useful way.

And I don't know if you've bothered to click on "The Liberal News" -- which is showing up in your Google ads as I write this -- but its subhead is "The Gospel Followers of Jesus Christ".

If that doesn't bother you then the large yellow italic ALL-CAPS print on black with misspellings and grammatical errors galore should.

And I will point out that if I didn't understand the way Google does these type of ads (which I didn't until you described them in this post), I would assume that they were ones you solicited and support.

If you're asking, my vote would be that the ads go. They are simply a minor annoyance to me: they aren't going to stop me from coming here. Having said that, there isn't a chance in hell I'll ever click on one of them, just as I wouldn't research penis enlargement by rifling through my spam folder. So to me, it's just clutter on an otherwise sleek looking site.

I don't agree with Greg that Ads are evil, but I do agree that we've got too many in our society. I don't watch them on TV and I don't see them on most websites. I've got TiVo and I've edited my hosts file to kill most all banner ad servers and many of the other ad servers.

So, maybe you've taken them off, or maybe my filters are working, but I don't see what you're talking about.

So... Are you making any money from this?

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