The Immortal

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Laughed all the way through tonight's Angel, which was just superb. Well, all the bits with Angel and Spike, anyway. The Illyria-Wesley plotline is just tiresome. At first I was saddened when Fred was killed, since she and Wes deserved some happiness. Then Illyria grew on me as Amy Acker proved far more intriguing in blue. But Alexis Denisof's just phoning it in, mumbling his lines in a flaccid simulation of grief that furthers neither his character nor the show's quality. If internet scuttlebutt is true, tonight's episode sets up a poignant moment in the upcoming series finale, but I'm not sure if I'll care by then. Wesley was far more interesting when he was boffing Lila.

But the whole concept behind The Immortal was just terrific, and the interplay between Spike and Angel was hilarious. Andrew's pontification near the end was the literary equivalent of a sledgehammer, but it worked. Fun stuff. Who needs Sarah Michelle Gellar, anyway?

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Plus, the StrongBad T-shirt.

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