Someone should tell this guy that the wheel isn't all red and black.

And what's with this guy not getting paid by Sky? If he was smart, he'd have gotten them to pony up some more money for his wager and really put it all on the line.


You can bet on whether the dude is going to win or lose with the "Paddy Power" bookmakers. 5/6 (on a true 17/18 shot) he loses, even money (on a true 18/17 shot) he wins, naturally. If he's lucky, the Hard Rock Casino might go down to a single zero, like the European wheels, to half the house vig.

I think there must be something in it for him from Sky. Perhaps he's just a big publicity junkie and figures that four weeks of publicity afterwards, win or lose, is worth 2.64% of all his worldly goods. Paddy Power also let you bet on him presenting a show on Sky by the end of the year - I think 4-1 (or 5-1?) is not too bad a set of odds, considering.


Whoops, didn't see the link last night (tho I hunted for it).

I think Sky should pony up the tux, on the condition that it be part of the wager, and they should have one of those wooden barrels with the shoulder straps nearby for him to change into should he lose. Now THAT would be good TV.

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