Fun with Audio


April Winchell is an L.A.(?) radio personality with an impressive collection of funky audio clips. Among my favorites:

Love Me Do by The Brady Bunch.
You're So Vain by... Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. Oh, the exquisite pain!
Mission Impossible / Norwegian Wood. No, not a medley-- they're merged into one. And apparently, it won a Grammy.
Yellow Submarine by Milton Berle. Oh. My. God.
Stairway to Gilligan's Island

and this one, especially for Dana. Who am I kidding, this'll be on my answering machine soon enough too.

Update: Apparently April's host doesn't allow deep-linking, so to visit these links you must copy them into your address bar (for Internet Explorer users, right-click on the link, select Copy Shortcut, then right-click in your address bar and select Paste).


The links don't work (which may be just as well) - they send you here. Or at least they send me there.

Never mind, copying the address into the browser works (well, sort of - I still can't play the clips, but that's probably a config problem on my end).

thanks, that's one trek message i hadn't heard before, and that's saying a lot! previously i've used this next generation clip...

data: sensors show nothing out there. absolutely nothing.
geordi: sure is a damn ugly nothing.

at this point i'm still happy with my grinch message. it really keeps people away. :)

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