Timing is Everything


I agree with Alicia. If I was that worried about a loved one dying while I was away, I don't think I'd have gone to Panama in the first place. Jenna's reason for leaving Survivor tonight was about as good as they come, and prescient-- I got a little chill when the final text appeared. But her poor judgment in coming into the game in the first place had two powerful effects-- robbing someone else of the spot, and handicapping her tribemates. Given what happened, there's no question she made the right decision to leave. But she made a very wrong decision to come in the first place-- a decision that may have hurt others more than herself.

From a production note, I'd love to know the sequence of events leading up to that psuedo-council at the challenge. Did Probst know about Jenna's plans beforehand? How long did taping stop while the producers figured out how to play it? Minutiae like that fascinates me.

Meanwhile... what the heck was Rupert thinking? Digging a basement in the sand, by the water? Insanity. Sheer insanity. It's a good thing Rupert had his time in the sun last season, because this time around he's looking a few logs short of a life raft.


I don't know what the time lag is between deciding to go on the show and actually showing up for filming. I think when Jenna decided to do the show, her mom was not doing too badly. (Didn't her mom have cancer when she went on the first time?) It's interesting that she had a feeling that her mom was doing much worse since she arrived in Panama. (Or maybe she has been receiving reports that she or the producers are not willing to reveal). I'm glad that she was able to be with her mom during her final week.

This is why I didn't like Jonny Rotten lying about his grandmother. It's very possible that a close relative can die while you're away.

WRT receiving outside information, you would think if she WAS receiving it with the blessing of the producers, then Jeff wouldn't have out-and-out accused her of same at the challenge, putting her in a position to have to lie. Certainly the right team won the shelter challenge - I'm not a Rob Mariano fan, but this was his to win, and I think he cinched it by bothering to use his level, while Rupert playing the part of real estate agent was starting to take on the same stench of "failed actor" thaet emanates from James Lipton on "Inside The Actor's Studio"...

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