The Suspense is Killing Him


It's hard to feel bad for anyone who's getting a chance to win ten million dollars, but pity the final contestant on last night's Super Millionaire finale. Succeeding at an nth hour attempt to get into the hotseat, he's now trapped in limbo at the $5,000 level for three months in the carryover from Hell. Brutal. It could be worse-- he could be at the $50,000 mark with no lifelines, spending the next three months wondering if he'll get a $100,000 question he knows cold. And I'm sure he'll be getting a lot of media attention in his local area. But my one night carryover was stressful, and I already had $32,000 locked in. Three months and I'd have been a wreck.


I think that he has tremendous potential here. If he hasn't been following "Millionaire" closely in the past, then he now has a feel for the game, especially how the new stacks are constructed and the mechanics of the new Lifelines. He can work on getting high caliber Google-ready PAFs, plus bone up on his own. The problem we had with a one night carryover was that we really couldn't do anything constructive with that 24 hr period. Give a guy several weeks, and I'm pretty sure there are some kinks he can smooth out.

Yes, he got local media attention. So much so that they showed a picture of him _in the hotseat_ during the 30 second promo for the 11PM news. The promo ran about 15 minutes before he actually made it up there (on the show), so that kinda spoiled the suspense of who's next. (It's not like they give much face time to the 10 that do make it.)

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