Super Millionaire Using Phone Qualifier

It's official: the phone game's back for the upcoming Super Millionaire. If you want to be a contestant, call 1-800-999-7878 between 7PM and 3AM (Eastern time) from Feb. 16 through Feb. 24. One call per day. If you correctly answer five questions, you must select a tape date which enters you into a random drawing for that tape date. Once you're in a tape date drawing, you are ineligible for any other tape date. In other words, once you get 5 questions correct in a phone call, you're done-- don't bother calling again.

Ten people will be randomly selected from the pool of qualifiers for each tape date, and they'll all be flown to New York with a friend to compete at Fastest Fingers for a chance to sit in the hotseat and win up to $10 million.

Boo-frickin'-ya, baby.

Sadly, as expected, past hot seat players are ineligible. But that's no excuse for the rest of you. Good luck!

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