Super Millionaire Rules Announced


The payout schedule for the upcoming Super Millionaire will look like this:

$5,000 (lock-in)
$100,000 (lock-in and two more lifelines)
$1 million
$2.5 million
$5 million
$10 million

That's quintuple the former payout at the first plateau and triple the former level at the second plateau. But it's after that second plateau that it really gets interesting. Instead of doubling your money from $32K to $64K, you can now quintuple up to half a million dollars on a free guess! Throw in 2 more lifelines, including the most powerful one yet (see below), and we can expect to see a lot of millionaires.

The two new lifelines are Three Wise Men, in which the player can ask a panel of three trivia experts for help, and Double Dip, in which a player gets two chances at providing an answer. The catch with Double Dip, however, is that if you invoke it you are not allowed to walk away from that question. But combine it with the 50/50 and you're guaranteed a correct answer (although the producers are expected to prohibit this combination).

Expect a lot of drama with the Double Dip lifeline. It, and Three Wise Men, only become available after you reach $100,000. So using it will always mean high stakes.

I envy the 15-or-so contestants who'll be getting their shot in this hotseat. Assuming the difficulty of the questions remains the same, ABC is going to give away a LOT of money.


*scratches head* Wow, that makes you appreciate the elegance of the original WWTBAM? money tree.

I think we'll see almost everyone end up on either 5k, 100k, 500k or 2.5M. (Or 0, or more!) There does seem to be very little point stopping at (10k, 20k, 30k or 50k) or 1M, though.

Wonder whether the difficulty will be more like that of the Regis original or the syndie version?

I think you'd really have to consider walking at 50K if you had no clue and all your standard lifelines were gone. The risk of 45K on a guess as opposed to 15K on the old tree might discourage me a bit from guessing. Hopefully, with a lot of luck, I'll get the chance to test out that theory in person.

From what I hear, you can combine the Double Dip and 50:50 for one question. I say, if you've gotten that high, you deserve it if you can keep the 50:50 in your clutches.

I'm still stoked for the show, but I wonder how the difficulty will stack up with the old show.


It'll probably be comparable at the first tier. They still don't want people going home with nothing, so I suspect nearly everyone will get to the 5K lock-in. Things might get a bit tougher after that.

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