Skillets of Mass Destruction


TSA agents at Newark airport wouldn't let me take a cast iron skillet onto the plane, for fear of its use as a bludgeoning weapon. Who are they kidding? First of all, we're talking about a new Le Creuset enameled cast iron pan-- any use not involving onions would be high heresy. Second, it was clearly a subjective judgment call-- there don't appear to be any fixed standards being applied. Laptops would make equally effective bludgeoning tools, yet they're allowed. Dental floss and belts can be used as garrottes. Keys and ballpoint pens can puncture the carotid artery. No self-respecting terrorist is going to hijack a plane with cookware, and certainly not Le Creuset.

All I'm saying is, there's a fine line between reasonable precaution and being a douchebag.


"Dental floss and belts can be used as garrottes. Keys and ballpoint pens can puncture the carotid artery."

Heh. After watching too many Hollywood action flicks I've come to dread the routine question before boarding an international flight: "Is there any item in your baggage which could be used as a weapon?" I'm afraid one of these times I'm going to slip up and say: "Depends on how creative you are." Fortunately my aversion to missing flights and sitting through hours of interrogation should help me answer with an innocent: "Gosh, no!"

Peter, you so obviously look suspicious. I, for one, am glad to see that the federally employed security agency folk are impervious to that oily, "Trust Me" quality that you use so effectively when gaming.

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I don't think a laptop would be nearly as effective a weapon as a skillet would. The laptop doesn't have a handle, which makes it hard to swing, especially one-handed. (Maybe you would try to swing it inside its case? In that case, the padding of the case would further reduce its effectiveness.) It's not as heavy. It's not as hard, so it will flex and break, absorbing some of the impact. It will tend to break when it hits something hard, so it will be even less useful in prolonged fighting.

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