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Thank God. I couldn't take much more of that smarmy prick, or the man it belonged to. Hamming for the camera, daring everyone else to just deal with his nakedness-- a truly baffling attitude if he had any designs on the prize at all-- and oozing smuggery (yes, smuggery)... all he needed was a handlebar moustache to twirl. I couldn't be happier to see him go. Next week, however, his legacy lives on. The previews show Sue railing at Jeff over Hatch's naked confrontation during this week's immunity challenge, and Internet scuttlebutt says (possible spoiler, highlight to read) Sue quits the game amid threats to sue because nobody stepped in and told Richard that getting naked in a physical challenge was inappropriate. If true, it should be a very interesting show.

Dissolving the losing tribe in the reward challenge was a great way to shake the game up at just the right time, and I can't imagine a better thing happening to Saboga. That was the tribe of the damned. I'm happy the game put a fork in them.

Of the two remaining tribes, Mogo Mogo actually looks stronger to me. But Rob-- assuming it was his idea for everyone to just jump off the platform and let him back onto the course-- is proving to be even craftier than I thought. Bravo. Meanwhile, Kathy continues to impress with her savvy, general demeanor, and good sense. As far as my hopes for the winner go, I'm jumping off the Rupert train-- sorry big guy, but you were a far better pirate than an all-star-- and hitching the first ride to Kathytown. Go get 'em.


Right on all counts I think. I had thought that the producers did a the right thing by just ignoring the whole naked fat gay guy situation. Then, when he acted out of line, there wasn't much they could do about it. His team lost the challenge anyway, and he was voted off. There was no excuse for the behavior, but I'd rather see him be the one to pay the price.

As to the dissolution of Saboga. It seemed like everyone ended up in the tribe they deserve, so we'll see where that takes them.

> ... a truly baffling attitude if he had any
> designs on the prize at all...

I think Rich knew he was never gonna win the prize, so what was his strategy all about? It took me a few episodes to figure it out, but I think it was this:

Hollywood Squares. E! WGN. Et al.

I think Rich's strategy from day one was all about being his "character" as much as possible on national TV. I genuinely believe that he was probably the only one on that show not playing the game... *first*. I mean, they're all aware of the gravy aspect to the show, but I think everyone else is still trying for the prize money above it all.

And I think Rich wasn't.

Which, in its own way, was probably his best strategy. Or maybe I'm giving him too much credit. But if anyone could pioneer a "new" strategy - a meta-strategy, if you will - it would be him.

I, for one, am sorry to see him go. Love him, hate him, he was great TV. Not only that, I think he had no chance of winning, making the decision to vote him off over Colby a bad one, says me. Does no one remember that Colby won all those single immunity challenges his first time around?

The girls messed up.

His departure, however, does one thing: it shows that Mark Burnett perhaps *doesn't* have a pact with the Devil. It wouldn't surprise me if he's more disappointed than Rich is.

What I'm most impressed with is how Peter hid the spoiler. Nifty!

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