Puppet Love

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Last night's Angel was, on the whole, terrific. How can you not love demonic puppets? And when puppet Angel vamped out, I nearly busted a gut. The sound work on David Boreanaz' voice was poorly balanced, however-- he never sounded like he was in the scene with everyone else. And you'd think they could have made a puppet that looked a little bit more like him.

Meanwhile, next week threatens to jump the shark as Fred gets possessed by a demon and the gang may be powerless to save her. Now where have I seen that before... wait, it's coming to me... oh yeah-- most of last season, only it was Cordelia doing the soul-swapping. Yawn...

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So, did they have time to do something special due to their show ending? Or did they get stuck, like the poor Farscape folks, with no idea until it was too late (epsisodes already filmed)?

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