Doomed to Repeat Them

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Rupert, Rupert, Rupert. What were you thinking? Of all the castaways, you're the one whose loss is freshest. The mistakes you made should be burning brightly in your mind. How could you possibly be making the same ones all over again so soon? Ethan was completely honorable and trustworthy throughout the Africa game. Maybe he won't be this time, but he's proven he's inclined to be. Tina never did anything brazenly traitorous, either. Jerri and Jenna are obvious schemers and inherently untrustworthy. The choice of whom to back was a no-brainer! Not to mention the shield factor-- as previous winners, Ethan and Tina are far more likely to get voted out later than you would be, so keeping them around would have kept you alive longer.

There's still hope. If you're smart, you'll approach Ethan and accept him into your alliance with Rudy. Then the three of you have a strong chance of survival, as long as Rudy doesn't collapse from the strain.

Going into tonight, the yellow team was my clear favorite. I'll still be rooting for them going forward. The Rob/Rob/Alicia/Amber/Tom/Susan team does nothing for me. I wouldn't mind if Rob C. won the game this time (since he was robbed in the Amazon), but I'd love to see that team just get knocked off one by one. On the other team, Kathy and Shii-Ann have my support with Lex a close runner-up.

In past Survivors, the first tribe to tribal council has always returned with fire. It's a reasonable consolation prize, considering the loss of a tribemate. Depriving the yellow team of that silver lining was brutal! This is obviously going to be an impossibly grueling game. My hat is off to whomever outlasts the rest-- because for the first time, it seems like that element is going to be at least as important as outwitting and outplaying.

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Agreed. As pleasing as it was to see Rudy and Rupert team up, that feeling of elation soon vanished as they made a dumb choice. The next time Saboga goes to council, the young women will probably convince Ethan to vote out Rudy. Real smart move, fellas.

Richard is really overplaying himself (both in the arrogance and nakedness), but he has to be working a strategy to disarm his teammates. I look forward to seeing whether it works.

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