Brawn, But No Brains


Rupert, I love ya man. I'm rooting for you even though I know it's a lost cause. Being a nice guy will only get you so far-- you have to be smart. And you're blowing it.

Saboga got a gift when their boat just floated to the surface on its own. And then, in a feat of stupidity that would make Jessica Simpson proud, Saboga proceeded to bail out the boat a bucket at a time. I couldn't believe my eyes. Inverting the boat on top of the pontoon was the obvious play. Even if nobody on Saboga thought of it before the game began, someone should have noticed both of the opposing tribes doing it! But Saboga doggedly continued their doomed bucket brigade, and threw away what should have been an easy victory.

And this after they gave up their reward to give all teams fire.

Back at the ranch, Rupert then flat-out told his tribemates that he had a pact with Rudy! That was an incredibly boneheaded move for Mr. Boneham. If Rudy stayed, their alliance would then be public where it could have backfired against them. If Rudy left, the broken alliance would make Rupert look weaker and more vulnerable, and voting against Ethan would make it harder to pull him over to Rupert's side. Which is precisely what Rupert needs to do now to stay alive.

Well, that and win some damn immunity challenges.

Well, Rupert, at least you caught a fish. Maybe that'll count for something.


Rupert is NOT playing this well, but for some reason I think he'll last. For one, they got rid of their dead weight in Roodie. They should have a shot at the next challenge, which will probably be mental rather than physical, since we've had three purely physical challenges in a row.

Well, that or Drinking Nasty Shit, aren't we at that point in the season? Either way Saboga should have an edge, at LEAST over Chapera, if not Mogo Mogo.

IMHO, Rupert could have easily convinced Rudy and Ethan to vote off Jenna, and that would have been a much smarter play. Jenna was the most dangerous tribemate left, and he could have executed this maneuver while retaining his integrity (at least given what was shown on TV). Ethan is not a threat in the medium term because he now has no other millionare to take to the final two with him. Also his desperation would have been easy to play on.

Suppose they had kept Rudy and lost their third challenge in a row because of it - so what? In a three-team game, the smallest team remaining at the merge will be everybody's best buddies, and hold a lot of power and longevity.

Think long term - think long term.

I did not like the way they did the reward. Given a choice between fire and blankets, of course the winning team is going to choose the fire. I can understand that the producers don't want the other teams dying from lack of water so they wanted everyone to be able to boil water, but Saboga should have received something for winning the challenge. Saboga was burned twice: the first for not getting fire as a consolation prize during their first tribal council, and the second for not getting something special for winning the challenge.

But they DID get something special - they simply chose to trade it away. Hardly the screwing you make it out to be.

Let's say Mogo Mogo wins that challenge. Probst makes the same offer, and at that moment Richard "I Could Make Fire Right Now, But I Choose Not To" Hatch steps forward and says "No, screw 'em, I can get a fire made. take the woobies and let's go." If indeed he proved to be a man of his word (something I never thought I'd accuse Hatch of, but I digress), then Team Green is living LARGE.

Nevertheless, it's time for somerhing weird to happen. :)

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