Survivor Finale


Yay! Finally, a Survivor winner who deserves the title. Way to go, Sandra. I was praying Lill would give Jon the boot, thereby allowing him no opportunity to slime into a victory, but worried that she'd be smart enough to know that she couldn't beat Sandra. Sadly, she also thought she couldn't beat Jon and decided she'd rather Sandra get the money. And that's a very understandable line of reasoning. Jon may have irked people, but he played the game very well. There's always the chance that the jury would set their personal feelings aside and give the money to the player who played the best game (c.f. Richard Hatch). In the case of Lill vs. Jon, Jon was unquestionably the better player.

As I said on Thursday, I went into tonight with Lill as my #1 choice and Sandra #2. But as the final tribal council unfolded, I reversed my votes. Much as I rooted for Lill, Sandra played a far better game. Kudos to her for a well-deserved victory.

Meanwhile... could you possibly love Rupert more? A shame he'll get voted off the All Stars the moment the tribes merge...


I thought that the producers knew about the Dead Grandma Lie. It was interesting to learn that Jon fooled them, too.

Quite an interesting finish. The most striking moment of the whole thing to me was how different Lill and Sandra looked for the live show compared to their gaunt faces at the last tribal council. Can anyone fill me in on how much time passed between the taping and the live show?

Before the show I thought they needed to get Jon out while they had a chance, but in seeing how it played out, Lill made the right choice in going after Darrah.

Despite the "show of hands" vote, I also suspect Lill did the right thing in not bringing Jon with her to the final. He has a way with words, and even without him plying his abilities it was only apparently a 3-4 vote. Convince one jury member and Jon would have walked off with the money.

The most disappointing to me was the way Lill presented herself at the jury. The "woe is me" fatalist attitude she had displayed through the game made the choice an easy one. Rather than asserting her ability to make it that far she acted defensive, and her closing statement was essentially an excuse to the jury as to why they could feel o.k. not voting for her. A bit disappointing.

When the show started I pegged Sandra as the one who had done the most for her tribe that would be the most forgotten. She played an interesting blend of speaking her mind and going with the flow. She managed to fly under the radar not by being unseen, but rather by being an easy enough target that everyone could always wait "until next time".

I thought they laid the shame on Osten a bit heavy now that it is all done. He made his choice and carries the disgrace. But, to observe the producers own mantra, it is still just a game.

After the second season I'd drifted away from Survivor, but now I'm eagerly awaiting the all-star version.

I was also surprised by the show of hands on the "Jon vs. Lill" question. Jon played much better than Lill, no question. On the other hand, maybe he pissed people off so much that they felt he still didn't deserve the money.

I have always found it interesting that the Survivor producers don't in any way say what criteria the jury should use in deciding who gets the money. Most jury members seem to primarily vote for the person who has "played the game" most adeptly, or perhaps the person who is most articulate about why they made the choices they did. But I'm sure if you hated a player enough, you wouldn't want to give them the million no matter how well they'd played.

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