If you've ever been a gamer, a comic book junkie, or a fantasy/science fiction geek-- and chances are that if you're reading this, you hit the trifecta-- you should be reading PVP. There are other geek comic strips out there, but PVP stands alone. For starters, Scott Kurtz is an honest-to-goodness cartoonist, not just some shlub with Illustrator and a web site. He's got a sure line and an obvious understanding of the medium.

Even better, the guy's funny. The jokes in PVP touch on all things geeky, but the humor isn't dependent on them. The humor is usually quite mainstream, actually, but coming from an oblique angle hobbyists will appreciate even more. See for yourself-- a complete archive of the strip is available online.



Okay. I went to the web site. Read the current strip, browsed through the archives, read most of the rants (I really like the guy's 'voice'). Good stuff.

But... pet peeve time...

Nowhere is it explained what PVP is. Is it that I'm just not enough a geek? Do you know what it means?

Player versus Player. (I like the way the lower-case v carries into other things, like how Kurtz spells "DvD.")

I like PVP and have been reading it for a few months. I even have it aggregated (http://dwlt.net/tapestry/pvponline.rdf). It's pretty far up the amusing scale (I really liked thier recent bit --- a role playing game about playing role playing games). However, I get more of a kick out of Penny Arcade ... which is wilder, raunchier, nastier, sometimes incomprehensible but often drop-dead funny.

http://www.penny-arcade.com/index.php3 (or aggregated as http://dwlt.net/tapestry/pa.rdf).

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