Naughty Gomez

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I've owned an Addams Family pinball machine for a few years now, and I cracked up earlier today when something happened that's never happened before.

The software for the machine is pretty basic, and can't layer sounds over each other. If a sound gets triggered while another is being played, the newer one overrides the older one.

When you score a train wreck, Gomez cries "Good show, old man!" When you hit the Cousin It target, Gomez exclaims "It, old man!" Today I did both consecutively, resulting in Gomez triumphantly shouting "Good shit, old man!"

Juvenile? Sure. But I'm still chuckling.

1 Comment

i've done somthing like that with an old Simpsons Pinball machine. Its like the one you have but it involves homor saying "feed me" and bart saying "eat my shorts". It ended up saying "feed""my shorts". I was Laughing all day long after that

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