Knowing When to Fold 'Em

While visiting my parents in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, we took a drive out to the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut-- a very nicely designed and attractively appointed complex, including a couple of smoke-free gaming areas. I was disappointed and flabbergasted, however, to discover they had recently removed their poker room. There was no poker to be had in the casino unless it came on a video monitor. Rumor has it the casino has decided to remodel and establish a world-class poker room which can play host to some of the high-profile events being seen on television of late. But it strikes me as a bizarre move to completely remove your poker room in the midst of what may be the greatest surge of interest in the history of the game. Then again, I don't understand how anyone would pay $14.00 for a handful of cashews from their mini-bar, either. That's one serious case of the munchies.

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