"You voted for her, you twit!"

That's what I shouted at the TV tonight upon hearing Burton's self-serving final words against Lill. If I hadn't already been rooting for his demise, that would have been enough to send me into a little happy dance when his flame was snuffed. What a hypocrite. He was an idiot for picking Jon for the reward and leaving the three women alone at camp, and he paid for it. Take your licking along with your car. Some people only got one chance at the game, bozo. You got two and still couldn't close the deal. Don't let the bitterness hit you on the ass on your way out.

I have to admit that I'm a hypocrite, too. As time's passed, the thought of Burton winning the game after getting voted out the first time really rubbed me the wrong way. It would feel unjust for him to win because of an unexpected rebuy. And yet I'm rooting for Lill. Same circumstances, same unjustness. But in her case I don't care. Maybe it's because I felt she was booted unfairly the first time. Maybe it's because she's the underdog. For whatever reason, a victory for Lill wouldn't bother me a bit.

I've been a Darrah detractor in the past, but anyone who can win three immunity challenges in a row has staked a deserving claim to the prize. I'd rather she not win, but I can't say she hasn't earned it in the end.

Sandra's my #2 preference. You have to admire her no-nonsense approach to the game. That lady's got moxie.

The winner, of course, will probably be the least desirable of them all-- Jon. He's already been on the island 35 days too long in my book. He's worked to get where he is, no doubt about it. But I just don't cotton to 'im. His sorry ass belongs on the jury bench, not in the winner's circle.

Remember: the finale is this Sunday, followed by the live reunion show. TiVo owners, add the reunion manually since your Season Pass won't get it (although a Wishlist will).


I like Lill, too, but I don't think she'll win. I think that Sandra and Darrah will team up and vote her out. Sandra took a long time to get an alliance. She should have teamed up with Darrah, Tijuana, and Christa when she had the chance. She's a sore loser. When she said that she's going to sabotage the camp, it reminded me of the bit about the boy who says that he's going to take the football and go home so no one can play.

I agree completely: Yay for Lill, Yay for Darrah, Yay for Sandra, now let's tune in to watch Jon win. Oh well, it's not set in stone; this is the first Survivor finale since Palau Tiga where I thought every participant had an actual chance of winning.

My favorite moment last night: When Jon did his usual singsong bit to the camera while holding up his vote, Ryan peeked around the corner behind him to see what the hell he was doing.

Thanks for the TiVo heads-up. Do these normally run long as well? I'm guessing I should pad the show a bit...

lill, ugh. all she does is whine that nobody will guarantee her second place.

There's a football game earlier in the day on Sunday, which I assume will not shift the rest of the schedule down, as there are some "throwaway" shows between the end of the game and the beginning of 60 Minutes. But just to be on the safe side I added a 90 minute pad to the end.

And yes, Burton's final words really took the cake. What a tool.

I gotta say, Lill drives me friggin' bananas. Just a completely annoying, whiny bitch. And I think she's completely lost it. Did you see her at tribal council? Total space cadet. I sincerely hope that the remaining challenges don't involve any sharp objects.

Darrah has about as much personality as a paper bag. She reminds me of American Idol's Rubin -- only skinny, female, and white. It'll be a drag if she wins.

I'll be impressed if Sandra wins, since she's been so over-the-top all season long. I don't like her very much as a person, but I wouldn't be entirely unpleased to see her win.

But I really want (and I can't believe that I'm saying this) Johnny Rotten to take it all. I gotta say, he's grown on me. I don't think he'll win (frankly, I think he's been shooting for #2 all along), but how beautiful would it be for Dead Granny Boy to win with sympathy votes -- and THEN reveal to the others that it was all a lie. It would be an historic moment in television history ladies and gentlemen. Doubt me not.

I can't think it's a done deal for Jon at all. There is an assumption that everyone wants to be in it with Jon to the end, but they are all also worried about whether they'll be number two. Both Darrah and Sandra would probably be best off facing each other as the final two, and I believe they have the capability to pull that scenario off.

The question is whether they realize that this is the case. If they fall into the trap of thinking that everyone hates Jon enough that there is no higher goal than to be the one facing him they are sunk. They will have reduced themselves to the three women fighting for two spots, to the three women fighting for one, while this might be right overall (and might not), I believe on an individual basis it will reveal itself to be a sub-optimal approach. Darrah and Sandra can take the risk to let Lil be final three as obviously neither wants to face her as final two, and there is little evidence should could beat both of them in a challenge.

However you slice it, this has been an excellent season of the show. Looking forward to the final tonight.

Brian L

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