He's Still Got It


Eleven years later, and Calvin and Hobbes is still the world's funniest comic strip.

In other news: Ziggy, Garfield still not funny. Even in Spanish.


Why is it that the Spanish version is totally different from the English version? Odd, really...

Why are they posting 11 year old comics, anyway?

Oh Ziggy, will you ever win?

I'm reminded of a moment from "Cheers" when out of nowhere, Woody burst into uproarious laughter and collapsed to the floor. Rebecca picked up the newspaper he'd been holding and asked, "All right, who let Woody read 'Ziggy' again?"

I love the wintertime and Christmas strips of "Calvin and Hobbes" most of all. I read FoxTrot daily, but Bill Amend has *nothing* on Bill Watterson.

So, how many votes do we have for C/H as Best Strip Ever?


Chalk up 6 votes from me, my entire family, and my roommate for Calvin and Hobbes. We miss them so.

another vote from me. I am still reading C&H religiously, everyday. Does anyone know what Bill Watterson is up to these days?

Painting landscapes, apparently. There was an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently about him, rather short on details since he won't speak to anyone. I got to the article from a link here:


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