Checking It Twice


I know as the holidays approach, the thoughts of many Static Zombie readers have been troubled. "Peace on Earth and good will to men is all well and good," they worry, "but however am I going to decide what gift to get for Peter?" And so, as a service to you, I present my wishlist. Consider it my gift to you during this troubled holiday season. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some orphans to visit.


well, that link took me to MY wishlist. I forgot I had one, so thanks for the reminder!

According to Amazon's help there's no way to just give people a link to your wishlist. You can provide Amazon with e-mail addresses of people you want to have access to it, and then Amazon will send them a link to the list, and people can also search for it. For the latter to work you have to make the list searchable and also wait 3-5 days after creating the list, it says.

Hmm. I've edited the link, and it appears to take you directly to my wishlist no matter who you are now.

So it does, which just goes to show how much you can trust Amazon's help pages.

To find Peter's wish list:

Click on "wish list" at the top of the screen.

Then enter "Peter Sarrett" under "Find a Wish List"

Then click on his second wish list, the one that lists his birthday.

This worked for me.


I wish that I had enough chutzpah to tell people
what to buy me after I had won $250,000 more than
they had during the previous calendar year. It
would make material gifts pale in comparison...

I hereby offer, in good spirit, a lump of
my failing coal futures (as a tax write-off).

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and an indifferent Kwanzaa to all...

I was going to say pretty much the same thing, even if two-fifths of that went to taxes. You do get bonus points for listing the new Sarah McLachland and "Best of..." CD from Sheryl Crow. Are you a fan of theirs (like me), or just like good music in general?


Travis, I think you were looking at YOUR wishlist. Mine has no music on it at all (my tastes are stuck in the 70's and 80's, so it's been ages since I got a new CD).

Brian: The problem with chutzpah is that it comes bundled with guilt. It's a package deal, free with Judaism. Preinstalled.

I won $40,000 this year on WHO WANTS TO BE A TEACHER?

On my wishlist:
World Peace
Food for the Hungry
Midgets Gone Mad (DVD or VHS)

You know, I always hear about Jewish Guilt, but
the Jewish side of the family wasn't really that
much better at than the Irish Catholic side. On
the other hand, the Jewish side did win the neurosis
match by a Knock Out. The ref called it after this
Grandma: Do you want some fruit?
Me: No.
GM: Banana? Apple?
Me: No.
GM: How about pancakes? Grapefruit? Blintzes?

Pause in conversation....

Grandma: You know, you could stand to lose some weight.

Stephen: My grandmother would help world hunger,
but only by insuniating that the world was a bit
rude to have the last slice of cake...

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