Austin Powers in Goldmember


Why do people continue to flock to theaters in droves to see this tripe?

Each film reuses jokes from the previous one (this one even made a joke about doing so!) and becomes progressively less funny. As with the previous two films, the best thing about Goldmember was the opening credits. I laughed out loud at the celebrity cameos, especially Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito. But it was a freefall plummet from there.

Biggest gripe: Goldmember himself was a non-character. Not only was he completely superfluous to the plot, but he just wasn't funny. Even Dr. Evil was tiresome this time around, and that must have been the easiest paycheck Robert Wagner has ever picked up.

I saw this film for free and I still feel cheated. Behave indeed.


I don't go into a Mike Meyers movie expecting any of those highfalutin' film-school thingies like "consistency" or "character motivations" or "plot." I expect a bunch of sketches that happen to involve the same characters. As with an episode of Saturday Night Live, if half of the sketches or so are "funny," I'm satisfied, especially if there are at least one or two that are "a real hoot."

Thus, Goldmember met my expectations and was judged acceptable, though certainly dancing precariously on the knife edge of mediocrity. I can certainly see how others would judge it more harshly, as it's a poor excuse for a movie. But the first and second ones were also poor excuses for movies - they just had a higher funny/not-funny ratio.

And yes, the Goldmember character was generally not funny. I enjoyed the "smoke and a pancake" gag, and was mildly amused by the skin eating (or rather people's reaction to it). Sarah was just disgusted.

The sad thing is that my friends will typically choose this kind of movie to go see, and wonder why I'm loath to go with them.

I figure, if I'm going to lay out my cash (or if it's free, my time) I demand that a movie have plot, characters, all those things mentioned above. If I know what I'm getting into, it's not as bad as if I'm going in to a movie blind.

At least they only have 27 more Bond movies to parody remaining, then they'll be done with it forever.


Travis Eberle

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