A Real Snail-Mail Letter. Scout's Honor.


hi peter...
my name is [name withheld]...and i want recive all the report which is include gatthering......i will play a game with you...can you find my adress....and forget payable checque...i think you would sent thoese report free to me..."i dont have any money"......there is country; Turkey, the town is; Konya...but i dont want to give you my adreses....i think that report is only issue 11...but if there is other report, whay not..sent them to me to...

i think you can find my adress.my heart is with you...i will pray for you....but if you dont, do this..mail me at [email address withheld] .... then i can send you my real adress.....

have a grateful day.....

[name withheld]


What. The. F***.

I'm sure Peter will do the right thing. Whatever that is.

(awaiting Peter's report on the Celebrity Poker Showdown. Hoo-ha!)

I'm with Snoop.

It is nice to see that the new obscure psuedo-english spam style is breaking free from the electronic environment though. I wonder if anyone has written a good style manual for this type of writing yet.

Brian L

Perhaps a coded message?

I think James is on to something ... read it backwards, using only every third word ...

Naw -- that doesn't help much either. ;-p


I'm pretty sure these are the lyrics to the new Outkast single.

How we will laugh if this turns out to have been a pre-Game clue for the next Game that you get yourself involved in. Check for invisible ink, I say. (Hold it up to a heater, bake it slowly in an oven, a long way above a flame, then pour candle-wax shavings or dust all over it.)

I bet you've considered that possibility already.

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