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I've been waiting until the date was official to post anything here, but I've just received confirmation that I'll be appearing on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? a week from today-- Thursday, July 17. Check your local listings for station and time. I taped the show back in December, and haven't been allowed to talk about it. Once it airs, the gag order is lifted.

This comment thread will be a spoiler-free zone. Next week I'll post another entry where people can comment on the show itself.

Here's a teaser, proving that it's manifestly impossible to take a good picture of me-- even for television professionals.



oooooooooo, a new pic to use for future photo manipulations of you! :D

Kind of weird to wish someone "good luck" for an event that has already occurred! Still, I hope that the world will get to see you become an instant millionaire.

You're one of the smartest folks I know. Of course, I DO live in the back bayous of Louisiana, not exactly the pinnacle of world intelligence! :o)

Seriously, I hope you win. It would be great!

Yeesh. That is one, uh, interesting picture right there. I do think I've seen Gathering photos where you look better, however. That barely even looks like you. I'll add in my good lucks as well. That is odd though, since YOU already know if you won...

Yeah, I look really weird here. But then again, I got virtually no sleep the night before (the damn Millionaire theme music kept running through my head-- an unexpected side effect of online practice), and of course I'm wearing make-up. I'd probably look even more like a ghoul without it. Instead I look like one of The Joker's victims. Believe it or not, that shirt is actually a lovely shade of blue.

I was reviewing your financial analysis of the new prize payouts. Does that mean that, if you felt you were in the driver seat, you would personally opt for 250K over 500k?


No, not at all. By stopping at $250K, you're foregoing any chance of the million-- which is certainly better, even as an annuity-- than $250K. The payout schedule wouldn't be a factor in my decision. After the fact, however, if I wound up at $500K, I might wonder if I'd have been better off financially by stopping at $250K. But realistically, you're there to get to the top of the ladder and you're going to answer every question you can. I can't imagine someone who actually KNEW an answer deciding to walk away rather than get an annuity.

Peter Sarrett: Walt Disney's Greatest Animatronic Dream! The brilliant part of that picture is that it's disturbing, but only subtlely. I think that it's a very mild photoshopping, maybe increasing the mouth by a few percent. The red tinge on the eyelids helps, too.

I personally think that Peter should be as close to a mortal lock for six figures as the show has ever seen, but I don't know if they toughened up the questions in syndication. As to whether the insanely knowledgable Mr. Sarrett runs the board, well a bit of luck either way probably determines that.

Amazingly, we don't get Millionaire locally. It's on the 'alternate' CBS station. I'll ask a friend with cable to tape it...

Here's hoping that we'll see a classy Nouveau Riche look on the next picture.

$1,000,000 is SEVEN figures, Brian - what are you saying?

Seriously, one issue I have with the show's format is that even the most lofty trivia god doesn't know SOMETHING, and all it takes is one question to stop you cold (sometimes the lifelines will get you out of it, particularly if it's a pop culture question, and sometimes they won't).

On the shows Peter posted questions for a while back I would generally know the answers to all but 1 or 2 questions - but they wouldn't be the top questions, which means that if I had been on one of those shows I would have probably walked away with $64,000 or so despite knowing the $500K and $1M answers. Ce la guerre.

I meant what I said. I feel Peter is an
almost complete lock for six figures. $125k.
After that is a crap shoot. You think it's
a crap shoot before hand, and to a certain
extent it is; but I figure that Mr. Sarrett
would be extremely unlucky to hit a question
that he or his lifelines couldn't solve (or
run out).

Peter, I am interested in hearing how you picked
your lifelines. I am particularly interested
if Dave was one (which I am actually thinking
he is not ... after all, you have probably already
regalled each other with any trivia. Your
knowledge bases would overlap too much, I wager,
and I doubt you are at a loss to name three
smart people in your crowd...)

Items like the last are the "gamey" part of
the show, instead of the "trivia" part of
the show. Peter could study, but I fully
expect that his time was better spent making
sure he understood the strategies of the
game. I bow to very few people in thinking
about games, but Peter is one.

Of course, my Kung Fu was weak this year.


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