Life is a Cabaret

My parents are back in New Jersey, and I was sorry to see them go. It was fun having them around, even though my mom has this compulsive need to try to pick up girls for me. Just what every son wants. The fact that she's more successful at it than I am is beside the point.

You may remember that I'd been considering taking them to the Herbfarm for dinner. We all thought 5 hours for dinner was a bit much, so we went with Teatro Zinzanni instead and had a terrific time. Teatro Zinzanni is a 3.5 hour dinner theater experience, held in a gorgeous jewel box tent where everyone, from the servers to the cooks, get into the act. The menu is by Tom Douglas, which means tasty flavors portioned for parrakeets and cockatiels. Higher order primates may prefer to snack heavily before they go. Aside from the petite plates, everything about the evening was delightful. Most incredible was the way each performer remained in character throughout the evening, whether they were serving your food, filling your water glass, or doing schtick. An aerialist even maintained her blank glassy stare during her act!

I can think of no greater testimonial to the quality of the evening than this: I'm a frugal guy. A cheapskate, if you will. When I purchased the tickets, the recommended gratuity "suggested" by the management seemed high to me. But when it came time to sign the check, I cheerfully tipped above the recommended amount. That's how good the experience was.

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