Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Over on a WWTBaM message board, someone's been keeping track of the results of every contestant over the course of this season. In fact, they've even kept transcripts of all of the question stacks. But I'm more interested in the stats.

There were 382 different players this season, with 396 question stacks (14 contestants who won $0 their first time around were given a second chance later). Of those 396 attempts...

2 players (0.5%) won $1,000,000
1 player (0.25%) won $500,000
5 players (1.26%) won $250,000
19 players (4.79%) won $125,000
39 players (9.84%) won $64,000
84 players (21.21%) won $32,000
52 players (13.13%) won $16,000
34 players (8.58%) won $8,000
6 players (1.51%) won $4,000
0 players (0%) won $2,000
137 players (34.59%) won $1,000
17 players (4.29%) won $0
$12,574,000 in prize money was paid out

Why are these stats interesting? Okay, sure, there's the feel-good factor. But I'll admit that my fingers are crossed that, as the prime time version did, they'll invite their top winners back to play again (splitting their winnings with a charity). I'd love to get another shot at the game-- it'd be even more fun the second time around. I'd go even if it weren't televised and there was no money involved. The drama and excitement of sitting in the hotseat, with the lights and live audience... for a game player, it's the ultimate setting. They had me at hello.

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