Jedi Spam Tricks


I just received a piece of real estate spam with the following subject line:

Promotion Has Not At All Occur Consequently Tranquil!

It's almost as if the sender is trying to hypnotize me: This is not spam. This is not a promotion. There is nothing unusual here. Be calm. Be at peace.

Of course, the absurd grammar and excessive capitalization pretty much blew that plan out of the water. I wonder if there's money to be made in a "Spamming to Anal-Retentives" seminar.


What gets me are the ones that have no discernible reason for being. The ones where the message is "asdofiuasg" are probably tests or mistakes, but what kills me are the ones that are long, involved, and entirely pointless. Nothing to sell, no links to click on, just random, lengthy messages. A good example is one I've received a few times now purporting to be from a time traveler who needs me to bring a Space-Time Defribulator Cube (or some such nonsense) to a particular longitude and latitude at a particular time, URGING me not to teleport it there. Has anyone else seen this?

Yeah, I've gotten that one several times. I'm not sure, but I would guess it is someone just trying to clog up some Email servers.

The theory I've seen on those (there are several varieties) is that the spammer, like all spammers, just wants you to respond, thus confirming that your e-mail address is valid. The hope seems to be that people who won't respond to the usual come-ons will respond to something wacky.

I do have to wonder at how they choose the coordinates... the last one I received had coordinates somewhere in Woburn, MA, which is very close to me.

Random words in spam titles are a new way to not get filtered out by spam filters...or something like that. Just another way for spam "marketers" to irritate potential customers.

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