A Visit to the Chuckle Patch


If you grew up in the New York area in the 70's, allow me to take you on a brief auditory stroll down memory lane.


Thanks for the memory. I've been thinking about that show for years without a good recollection. What wonderful memories. Chuckle Patch.

Ooo. thanks. I was thinking of this, this morning, and never thought I'd hear the songs again. The taller lady on that show moved to my neighborhood in Brooklyn after the show went off the air. She did a live show in my elementary school.


That is amazing. This show popped into my head a few years ago when some friends and I started recalling all the shows we enjoyed in our youth. The shows available for kids today can't compare. Wonderama and the magic garden with oscar the squirrel + chuckle patch were wonderful and innocent. This was one of my last conversations with old friends before moving from NYC after 9.11. Funny how time flies. Thank you for posting.

I was actually on Wonderama when I was a kid. I think Michael Jackson was one of the guests-- this was right around the time of The Wiz, if I remember right. My sister was even one of gthe finalists in that week's dance contest, and brought home roller skates as a prize. We both got the coveted goody bags with Dynamite magazine, Lenders Bagelettes, and a Lactona toothbrush. Sadly, I no longer have my Lender's Bagel necklace.

i remember this show like it was yesterday. my four brothers and I had to share one tv and this was one of the shows we all agreed on. What are Paul and Carol doing now?...It would be cool to get a cd or dvd for my nephews and nieces. they would totally spaz knowing their parents watched this show. I miss the chuckle patch and Sherlock was kind of demanding.. no?

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