Touched By a Lawyer


The Sci-Fi Channel announced 16 new shows for the 04-05 year today, including a Stargate: SG-1 spinoff called Stargate: Atlantis. But just when you think the channel is realizing it's potential, you see this:

Dead Lawyers - DreamWorks Television (Taken) produces this one-hour series with a deliciously judicious concept. Sleazy unscrupulous lawyers, in order to redeem themselves, come back from the dead to defend everyone they screwed when they were alive - and it's all pro bono! When hotshot defense attorney Jimmy Quinn is run over by a bus, he finds himself in his own version of hell: a law firm on earth composed of other dead lawyers, all trying to right miscarriages of justice in order to redeem themselves.

Change this concept to "Dead TV Executives" and you've got something.



16 new shows, but they can't renew Farscape. I like Stargate, but I'd watch Farscape over it any day.

Never got into Farscape (waiting for the big DVD collection along with the complete Muppet Show set) but they pick up dead lawyers and yet give Firefly a pass. Just cause fox butchered it and left it to die on friday nights . . .

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