The 606th Take


This is probably going to make it's way around the Net in one of those infuriating email-forwarding chains, but it's too good to resist. Here is the best car commerical ever. And it's 100% real, filmed without trick photography in one long, extended shot. On the 606th take.


Not quite true, from what I read. I read that the muffler scene had a bit of CGI done on it, though the rest was real.

I don't believe it's as it seems though. Watch the tires near the beginning - one of them goes up, back down, then back up again. Makes me think the ramp is rigged or something. It still looks cool and must have been a bitch to film though.

According to the article I linked to in the original post, the tires were weighted with bolts and other hunks of metal inside to make them roll uphill.

I didn't even notice the article link. I'll have to check my source on the CGI of the muffler. As for the tires, I still think it is weird that it went up, down, then up. You would think the weighting of it wouldn't work that way, but what do I know about physics?

Tracked it down:

The full advert is divided in two - because the studio couldn't fit in all the kit at once.

Just one second of computer generation is used to link the two halves - when an exhaust pipe rolls across the floor.

This is from:

It also says the tires were not faked... weird.

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