Suicide is Painless

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And she was doing so well.

If you try to stab a teammate in the back-- particularly one who has established closer ties with the others than you have-- your knife is liable to find its way back to you. There was no way Jenna or Heidi was going to vote for Alex, and I'm amazed Deena didn't see that. I was very surprised that Rob turned on her, though. With his influence over Matt and Butch, if he ousted Alex he suddenly became the power player behind the scenes. Now he's just 1 of 4, and probably the weakest of the bunch. Not smart. But then, what can we expect from a guy who brings a Magic 8 Ball along as his luxury item?

Matt, meanwhile, is a very lucky man-- and completely oblivious. Perhaps he can win himself a clue in the next reward challenge.

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I finally caught up on Survivor last night. Even thought Deena was right that Alex is the biggest threat right now (at least to her and Rob) I think she moved too soon. I'm really surprised that Rob didn't flip sides with Deena and take Matt and Butch against the others. There is always a point when a mid-pack player can swing the odds greatly in their favor by switching sides, but no one has capitalized on that yet in any season.

Rob was my pick for taking the whole thing, I think he has played the game the best of all the seasons so far, but he is definately in the weakest position against Heidi, Alex and Jenna. He has always been aware of his position in the food chain and has played that to his advantage the whole game. Maybe all the wheeling and dealing is getting to be too much to keep up. He can probably get fourth at this point, but I doubt any higher.

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