Revenge of the Ham-fisted Writers


More of the same on this week's Buffy, as characters once again act inexplicably to service the plot. There is no way Dawn would tell Buffy to leave. Xander might be bitter, but taking it out on Buffy-- in front of everyone-- is way out of character. Principal Wood hasn't been much involved, but all of a sudden he waltzes in and sides AGAINST Buffy? Anya actually calls Buffy LUCKIER than they are? Let's see, she's died twice, her mother died, she killed her true love after she lost her virginity to him and he immediately turned evil, she's had her body switched, she was yanked forcibly out of heaven, and is saddled with the responsibility of stopping an apocalypse for which she'll receive no credit but probably a whopping stack of repair bills. Yeah, real lucky. And Buffy, after years of dealing with this kind of thing, is completely out of touch with the feelings of those around her and oblivious to the effect her actions are having on them. Buffy's been through much, much worse than anything Caleb or The First have put her through, yet she's handling it like a novice. With writing like this, I'm not sorry at all to see Buffy go.


imo buffy has never recognized how hard the others work for her and has always thought of herself as better than the rest. over and and over she says that the slayer is alone and then turns right around and tells everyone what they should do to help her. everyone in that room said exactly what i've been thinking for a long time.

Buffy has shown in the past that she's well aware not only of how much her friends help her (in fact, multiple episodes have made a point of contrasting her team approach to the solitary nature of past slayers, and suggesting that it's the reason she's still alive [er, alive again?]), but also of how vulnerable they are compared to her. Particularly Xander, who has suffered from inadequacy issues in the past and has basically forced himself into active duty over Buffy's better judgment. I've never thought Buffy considered herself better than the rest, just a) stronger, b) less killable, c) more responsible for doing the job.

Buffy was an idiot for leading everyone into the vineyard against Caleb, and deserved backlash for it. But her idiocy was poor writing, not a natural extension of her character. And the backlash was way out of proportion. Does nobody in that room have a brain? You're up against a burgeoning apocalypse, and you send a freakin' Slayer AWAY?! I'm looking forward to Indigo getting her neck snapped, and Anya's foreshadowed death is now deserved.

while she's able to be practical, as when she kills angel, she also endlessly toys with spike's affections even though she sees how she's hurting him. she's repeatedly awful to giles and her self centered nature drove riley away. buffy does what she wants when she wants. that's not the mark of a person who really cares about the people around her that's the mark of a two year old.

I hated this episode as well. You do not turn on someone after fighting along side them for seven years. The Potentials and Wood needed to shut up and listen to her. I would have kicked this asses out of my home. I was so glad when Spike reamed them.

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