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Overall, I love living in Seattle, but there are a few things I miss about the East Coast. There are no good amusement parks out here. Nobody makes a decent bagel. Chinese restaurants charge for white rice and don't offer barbeque spare ribs. And there are no White Castles.

One of the fringe benefits of The Gathering of Friends is the hotel's proximity to a White Castle. It's always fun to watch people experience their first ratburger. You either get it or you don't. A friend wrinkled his nose after trying one for the first time last week. "The bun is so... moist!" he cried. "Yes," I replied in a dreamy, Homeresque drone, "moist with oniony goodness." I grew up with White Castle. For me, it's comfort food. Which makes me realize that by the same logic, there are probably millions of people for whom Domino's pizza is also comfort food. <shudder> I can get them frozen at the supermarket, but that's not the same as buying them by the sack. If you didn't grow up with them, you just can't understand.

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i miss good amusement park rides too. i used to get mad at the six flags ads saying wherever you live there's a six flags near you because there wasn't one anywhere near the northwest. now they've bought enchanted village but there's still no good roller coasters. the new timberhawk will only be 75 feet tall with a top speed of 50mph. compare that to the manhattan express in vegas that has a 144 foot drop and top speed of 67mph.

don't even get me started at the lack of good bagels here.

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