No Two Flakes Are Alike


One of the things I like about The Gathering of Friends is that the attendees generally don't conform to the typical gamer stereotypes. Well, except for the whole "geek" thing, but I don't expect hairdressers to swill Coors and follow NASCAR, either. Some things just go with the territory. I was therefore disturbed to encounter one individual with an egregious gaffe in personal hygene.

Riddle me this: How does a person-- especially one wearing a dark shirt-- NOT know they have dandruff? Do they never look at themselves in the mirror? Do they undress in the dark? Do they never look over their shoulder (or even, in this particular case, down at their chest-- the dandruff seemed to flutter from his beard as well)? With the level of dermal snow involved here, maintaining a state of personal ignorance is a remarkable feat of unperception or willful denial.

So did I, as a friend and a mensch, pull the person aside and suggest a bit of personal grooming might be in order? To my shame, no-- I was too busy choking back the bile that was threatening to add to the hygenic nightmare. I did pop a Listerine breath strip on my tongue-- is it my fault if the hint went unnoticed?

I like the guy, but I wound up playing nothing with him for the entire week. Coincidence, or subconscious cootie alert? I dunno. Next year I'll put a bottle of Head & Shoulders on the freebie table.


In case that poor guy reads this, there is a cure for especially bad cases...and it's not Head & Shoulders. A good dermatogist fixed my problem in less than a month.

Who was the guy that fiured this out along time ago that there were no two flakes alike by examinig them through a microscope and never seeing two alike in his life

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