It's Only Fun Until Someone Loses an Eye


Just caught up with last week's Buffy, in which our heroine succumbs to one of Roger Ebert's pet peeves-- the heroine doing something stupid because the plot requires it. Everyone around her says Caleb is baiting a trap, but Buffy not only bullheadedly plows into it, she takes a bunch of untested girls with her. I didn't buy it. With writers good enough to give us the delightful scene with Faith and Spike in the basement, you'd think they could remember Buffy's IQ isn't as low as her name implies. And what was that rubbish Caleb spouted about Xander being "the one who always sees everything"? Makes for some nice irony, but not any sense. It's good to have Faith back for the final few episodes, but I hope they're better written than this one.


Maybe Caleb was talking about that brilliant pillow fight scene- now THAT'S good writing!
I know we are just playing out this season, but could "the First" be any less inspired? Every time they start talking about how "the First" is the root of evil itself it makes me want to yawn.

They kinda backed themselves into a bigger/badder corner. They've already gone up against The Master, Angelus, the Mayor-turned-demon, a cyborg/demon hybrid, an evil slayer, dark Willow, and a God, and killed the main heroine TWICE. They needed to do SOMETHING for a series finale.

Looks like Spike (New & improved-- now with soul!) winds up on Angel next season. Nicholas Brendon wanted to move Xander over too, but apparently was denied. No word yet on whether Willow's going. I expect Anya to die, given the foreshadowing they set up earlier in the season when she gave up her demonhood. As for Buffy, killing her would be SO 2001.

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