Best... Reality Show... Ever


I could not possibly make this up.

The WB has given the go-ahead to Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, a new reality series from Stan Lee. Contestants pitch their superhero ideas to a panel of celebs who have portrayed superheroes on TV and film, then dress up as their proposed character to perform feats of derring-do as part of the "superhero makeover".

No word yet on whether that makeover includes actual emasculation, or merely a complete loss of dignity and self respect.


My absolute favorite line...

"...Superhero will not focus on "sexual tension" like other reality series."

Wow. Just wow.

Hey, the door is open, though. The world is finally ready for "Who Wants to Win Their Own Reality Show?" and its spin-off, "Who Wants to be a Contestant on Who Wants to Win Their Own Reality Show?"

How about: "Who Wants to be the Next Dictator of Iraq"? Or has that one been done already?

wow... that was quite the comedy killer there Dave ;)

Forgive me, I'm English you see... :-p

Just saw a preview on Comedy Central for "While You Were Drunk," a new reality show in which, apparently, the audience somehow picks out a male and female contestant, the show liquors them up, and they see if they'll hook up.

I saw it on a TiVo recording, but I don't think it was from April 1st.

David - The Now Playing list does show the date of the recording, as does the detailed information when you select Play.

It was Comedy Central, so it wouldn't have had to be 4/1 anyway.

Ahem, Chris,

Remember, you heard it here first....

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