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Props up front: it's all Matthew Baldwin's fault. His Defective Yeti blog, a potpourri of anecdotes, reviews, and satire, has become part of my morning ritual-- the crackle between my snap and pop. The more I read it, the more I came to realize what a good gig Matt's got. Sure, it's a monkey that demands to be fed daily, but the beauty of it is that he can write whatever he wants, on whatever topic he wants. And if the bananas don't come for a couple of days, the monkey will still survive.

With The Game Report, I'm limited to a specific sphere of pawns and dice. Other topics just aren't appropriate. And there are other topics I'd like to talk about. Because I live alone in a big house with a big TV and an even bigger Tivo (compensating, are we?), many of those topics concern television. I watch a lot. And though it's fashionable to disdain television as a vast wasteland and proudly point at the fish tank in the corner formerly occupied by your Zenith, I offer no apologies. I embrace television. Or I would, if I could get off the couch. As Homer Simpson put it, "It asks so little and gives so much!"

And so this weblog is born-- a forum for a zombie awash in a phosphorescent static glow, and his thoughts on television and less important things in life.

1 Comment

The Yeti is great stuff, but you'll be hard pressed to top it, as Matthew is a truely funny person. And I mean that in a "person with a quick wit who can make me laugh" kind of way, not the "umm, I think I'm going to sit over there, could you excuse me" kinda way

Plus I'm not sure how much room this is on the web for Seattle area gamers' blogs. Guess I should start one as well and find out...

Good luck with the new endeavor.

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